Omicron Variant: Things to know about it

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Omicron is a new variant of the Covid-19 virus first detected in South Africa on November 25th and since then it started spreading rapidly all over the world. Though it may not be a life-threatening variant like covid-19 yet it is recommended to use proper safety precautions to keep yourself and people nearby you safe. It is a contagious disease that spreads through touch and through the air if you are near an infected person so it is advised to stay one hand distance while traveling or standing in a queue. As most people are vaccinated the omicron variant does not seem much of a deadly disease it is either asymptomatic or has mild omicron symptoms such as fever, cold, or fatigue.

People affected by the omicron variant have shown very few chances of death rate but it has a very rapid spreading rate because of which there are over 1,79,723 new cases reported on 10 January. 

How did the Omicron Variant was originated?

The first variant of this deadly virus was seen in Covid-19 which took too many lives and made chaos around the world because of which the WHO has to declare it as a world pandemic. As the virus has stayed for a very long time so it eventually developed into many variants resulting in the origin of the new Covid-19 virus variant that is the omicron variant. It maybe be not as deadly as the covid-19 or the delta variants but it has a 70 times faster spreading rate than the others because of which the government has to again implement the lockdown so that people can be safe and this virus can be stopped.

What measures is the government taking to stop the omicron virus?

Government has a very huge role in stopping the spread of this virus, they are introducing new covid guidelines which the people must listen to in order to contain the virus. People vaccinate as much as possible and spread awareness to wear masks every time wherever they go. They are making sure that every single small part of India is reaching the vaccine so the people of the country remain safe. They are canceling the international flights so no foreign returnee becomes an omicron carrier, due to such cases if this kind of activity happens the person is first tested if the RT PCR reports say that the person is negative then only he/she is permitted to leave the airport.

Reasons why it is spreading so rapidly

The main reason for its spreading is lack of self precaution taken by the people, most of the people do not wear a mask in the public which is dangerous for themselves as well as for the others. People should be properly educated about the risks that this omicron variant and other covid-19 variants are causing. This omicron has the fastest spreading rate than any other variant because of which people should take pepper precautions and follow all the covid guidelines instructed by the government.

Omicron Precautions

Even now, the measures that were put in place earlier at the time of the pandemic are still valid today. The disaster has not been wiped out completely instead a different, more dangerous strain has emerged. We should be cautious and aware in our daily lives to prevent being affected by the omicron variant

Below are some of the precautions that are still very helpful at this time –

Get vaccinated

Without a doubt, vaccination is the best way to protect ourselves from infection. Vaccination is available for different age groups and you should obtain both vaccine doses as soon as possible. You can book your slot online or by visiting the nearest vaccination center and avoid yourself from being affected by the omicron virus.

Put on your mask

The finest line of defense against the virus is by wearing your mask. Whenever you go out, wear your mask, it’s pointless to put your life in danger by being foolish and irresponsible. Wearing one mask over another would be preferable and make sure to cover your nose and mouth completely.

Maintain social distancing

Abandoning the social distancing rule isn’t a viable option as the virus is still present. When you’re outside, follow the six-foot social separation technique. It’s not a good idea for large gatherings especially if a novel variety is circulating. Maintaining distance helps in keeping us away from the person who might have been affected by the virus.

Regular Exercise

The benefits of exercise are endless. Regular exercise is one of the simplest strategies to lower your risk of the virus and enhance your quality of life. 

Wash your hands frequently

Whenever you come from outside or stay at home, wash your hands with soap and water regularly. Always keep sanitizer with you whenever you are outside the home. Apply it liberally to keep your hands free of germs and keep yourselves safe from the omicron virus. Your fingers and back of your hand should be covered with sanitizer while applying it, do not wipe or rinse it off.

Don’t ignore Omicron symptoms

If you are facing any symptoms like fever, cold, loss of taste, smell, exhaustion for more than two days then take an RT PCR test for avoiding being severe or you can request them to come to your home and collect the sample. And if you see any symptoms of the omicron virus then take the necessary actions needed for curing.

Avoid visitors

You should avoid having visitors until the variation is under control. Gatherings can increase the possibility of spreading the virus quickly. Restraint can go a long way toward ensuring everyone’s safety.

Follow quarantine rules after traveling

If you have traveled from one state to another or maybe one country to another, it is advisable to follow the quarantine guidelines. Self-isolation is a smart step to keep people safe for a specified period. As the Omicron virus is spreading quickly it is advisable to follow quarantine guidelines.

Work from home

The Omicron virus is spreading widely and is infecting people very fast. Working remotely is a wise decision rather than going out to risk your life. It’s a good choice to avoid gatherings and keep everyone safe until the next battle.


The way we defeated the previous two waves of the Covid-19 virus, we can defeat the Omicron virus in the same way as well. It is not difficult to contain the transmission of the Omicron variant if we take little self-control and follow the protocol wisely. With the increasing of Omicron Virus, it is up to you to take the necessary actions and keep yourself, family and friends, safe. Go and visit the doctor if you need any consultant. Till then follow the precautions that need to be taken to avoid being infected. Stays updated with us.

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