7 best tips that will get you started with online yoga practice

Online live yoga classes

Let’s face it! We all have been at a point when we desperately want to go to the gym, but time restrictions don’t allow it! Similarly, there are times when we have to compromise with consistency and schedule. If you have ever found yourself under any such fixes, you should read them below.  

Ease of access and comfort are the two prime factors that can make or break your efforts! So, what is holding you back in the first place? You have to drive the self-motivation factor! But, if it is the gym or yoga studio, you have an ideal solution with online live yoga classes. You are in the class without actually going out! 

Just like our meeting rooms have shifted on Zoom and teams, the fitness classes have also gone live streaming. You can find your favorite teachers, and favorite forms of exercise, all within your planned budget! 

Since this blog will be focused on driving self-motivation for attending yoga and Zumba classes, here are a few tips that will be helpful in your journey! Streaming yoga at home is a different experience than strolling into a studio and unfurling a mat. The finest online yoga courses help blur that line by providing an easy-to-navigate interface, a learning curve, and classes for all levels. 

Best practices to follow on the journey of Online Yoga

Where to begin? 

There are many methods to begin your yoga journey, but the most crucial step is to decide to start and prioritize yourself, your body, and your practice. Only paying a subscription for online live yoga classes will not help. Consider it an excellent way of spending your ME-TIME.  

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long yoga session. 

Yoga can be practiced for as long as you choose. Overstating the goals can lead to failures! So, make sure to have a realistic mindset, mainly for a beginner. 

One lesson typically lasts an hour or longer when you attend a studio. You can do it at home as well, but if you’re a novice, you’ll find that there are yoga sessions that fit your schedule. Begin with a 30-minute lesson and work your way up to get warmer. Level up to tough levels once you’ve gained confidence. Alongside, if you don’t prefer leaving the bed early morning, a 30-minute easy flow is great to get your nervous system ON! 

Everything has a purpose. 

Allow yourself to be free of all stress and practice for as long as you desire. Give yourself credit even if you spend a little over five minutes on meditation. It’s crucial to be gentle with yourself and not put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t finish a class. Finding your purpose and building slowly is far better than not attempting anything. 

Place your yoga mat on the floor. 

Having a nice set-up will give you a vibe and motivation to get started. It’s a great approach to encourage yourself and gear on your mat. If you always have a carpet rolled on, it can serve as a reminder also. It’s a simple yet significant way to promote the practice. 

Play your favorite yoga tunes. 

The atmosphere created in yoga studios and gyms is the first driver of doing exercise. However, making the same atmosphere at your home is as easy as selecting your favorite music and getting ON with your playlist. You can always choose your theme under online live yoga classes. Even if it isn’t your style, play it and enjoy it; you’re in command! You are your instructor! You may always look for an excellent yoga playlist to get you in the right mood, or you can ask our teachers for their recommendations. 

Do not surrender 

Just because it seems complicated, it does not mean you will leave it midway! Even if it is unsettling or too demanding? Some yoga classes are geared toward novices, while others are geared toward yogis with more experience. If a posture is too difficult, attempt it with external help or make a goal for yourself to perform it within the following month.  

Besides, the online live yoga classes also allow You to choose your yoga level. Also, if a posture is too tricky, rewind the video and start over as many times as you’d like. This facility might not be found in offline classes, which sets apart the online courses. You can be practicing one single posture until you master it! If you could do it all the first time, it wouldn’t be difficult. 

Continue taking the same class until you find your stride. 

If you’re new to yoga, finding your flow and getting acclimated to all of the poses can be difficult at first. Taking the same class, a couple of times is a beautiful approach to finding your groove. Then you get to know the teacher and determine which techniques you prefer! 

Consider what you require from your practice. 

Everything begins with a need or demand! Ask yourself Why do you want to start doing Yoga online? Is it because you don’t have enough time to go to a studio? Do you have to work or study at odd hours? Or is it something else? It’s simpler to push yourself to achieve something if you know the reason and the WHY behind it. 

Practice everywhere you go. 

Giving a halt on busy days and vacations is the ultimate way of breaking the routine! But many people don’t skip yoga because they have a subscription for online live yoga classes. Besides, yoga is a simple thing that does not require equipment or aids. This is the top reason for doing yoga online. You can always access your online yoga when you’re on the go, whether at work or on vacation. Log in as you usually would and select a class to investigate. 

Lastly, make a place for you to practice Yoga where you can practice. Roll out your mat and light a candle in that room. This is your energy zone, where you can practice regularly. 

Hopefully, now you have enough motivation to be a self-starter! So, what are you waiting for? Get started with a subscription for online live yoga classes!

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